Frequently Asked Questions
I am interested in cooperating with Octopux Consulting. How may I do it?

Any cooperation and project ideas are absolutely more than welcome!
We recommend you to send a brief summary putting a special highlight on our mutual potential role through our contact form here. You will be contacted by one of our team members shortly.

Where can I find information on accommodation in Brussels?

Accommodation is not included in the training price and must be arranged individually by each participant. Further information on accommodation opportunities in Brussels will be sent upon booking.

Do I need to pay VAT on the top of the training price?

The payment of the VAT is according to the following conditions:

  • For business customers/legal entities based in the EU and having an EU VAT number AND for business customers/legal entities based outside the EU: no VAT is charged. For these organisations, taxation takes place in their respective countries.
  • For Belgian legal entities: VAT is charged.
  • For individuals (not business customers/legal persons): VAT is charged.
When do I receive the original invoice?

We will send you the original e-invoice once the payment for the course has been received by our team.

How do I pay the registration fee?

If you book online, you can select one of the following two options:

  • BANK MONEY TRANSFER* to Octopux Consulting’s account. With this option, you can find your electronic pro-forma invoice and all the necessary information required for the transfer (e.g. IBAN and SWIFT code) in the confirmation mail you receive after the booking.
  • Via debit/credit card by using your individual (if registered as an individual) or company’s PAYPAL account. In this case, you can pay immediately without delays.

*Important note: Due to considerable delays in payments, a confirmation on the bank money transfer shall be sent to Octopux Consulting via e-mail to info[at]octopux.eu . Kindly do not forget to mention the reference of your pro-forma invoice on the bank transfer order.

Is it possible to have a discount on the course fee?

Absolutely! All our training participants are provided with a unique EUR 50 voucher code. This voucher code can be used as part of the payment for Octopux Consulting courses until the end of the year. It is unique and transferable, so anyone can redeem it by supplying the code on the designated area on our registration/application forms (it must not be changed for cash nor be refunded).

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