Robot Rescuers To Help Save Lives After Disasters

Robots could scour avalanche sites, enter burning buildings or secure city streets contaminated by poisonous chemicals, saving lives and increasing the effectiveness of rescue missions. [...]

European Researchers Improve Technology for Biofuels

Ethanol is relatively easy to produce and can be used in existing engines. However, the so-called first-generation technology currently used to produce ethanol is energy-inefficient, offering [...]

Listen to the Song of Galileo Signals and Earn your Award

To mark the first anniversary of Galileo’s historic first satnav positioning measurement, ESA plans to award certificates to groups who picked up signals from the four satellites in orbit to [...]

Echoes From The Deep

In western Norway, scientists are testing autonomous devices that can detect and understand what is happening underwater. Kyle Zhang, who is a researcher in wireless communication systems at the [...]

Bringing Affordable ‘Mass-Customisation’ Techniques to The Clothing Industry

Thanks to the OPEN GARMENTS project, we should all soon be able to go online, specify the precise design we want for that new shirt, dress, accessory, or whatever, and have it delivered to our [...]

Tiny Technology to Tackle Alzheimer’s

Today, some 24 million people worldwide are affected by dementia with more than 4 million new cases recorded every year. This equates to a new case every eight seconds. To address these [...]

INSIGN: A Successful Project (EU Procurement)

Developing High-Efficiency Lasers to Manufacture Solar Panels

As the world continues its efforts to combat climate change and to move away from its dependence on fossil fuels, solar energy looks set to become an important technology for the future. The [...]

Sleep Easier with New Materials for Bedding and Bedclothes

EU-funded researchers have developed scented mattresses with built-in heating and cooling functions, all meant to improve the quality of sleep. And they are moving these new products to market. [...]

A Portable Asbestos Detector That Could Save Thousands of Lives

A European research project, ALERT, has developed an asbestos detection device that could save thousands of lives. The project team is building the first real-time, portable detector of asbestos [...]

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