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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the beating heart of Europe. In terms of employment, they involve up to 98% of the total working population. Europe’s economy itself depends on the survival and on the continuous creation of the SMEs. Europe needs more entrepreneurs and the European Commission is looking at ways in which potential entrepreneurs may be encouraged to set up firms.

There are several factors that discourage people from starting their own business. First, there are cultural factors to be considered. We need to develop a more entrepreneurial culture, starting with young people and from school education. Also there is too often a stigma attached to failure. Secondly, there are the financial constraints, because actually to gain access to the credit, especially for young people, is a difficult undertaking. This limit means that the most of the ideas is nipped already on the first phase of conception Third factor are also the administrative requirements – are often a major factor in putting entrepreneurs off. And last, but not least entrepreneurs need to find it easier to attract investors

Octopux Consulting strives energetically to work towards this direction. One of the primary goals of the firm, in fact, is to affect this reality firmly and lead innovation through consulting. The firm has the mission to support young entrepreneurs and aspiring ones to create their own jobs, to become self-employed without having the fear of failure but always keeping it into account. Under this perspective, Octopux is strongly engaged in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme: www.erasmus-entrepreneurs.eu

Testimonial #1: Daniela De Giglio


Testimonial #2: Marcella Militello

Octopux on the Swedish TV

The time spent with Daniela and Serge allowed me to be directly involved in the whole project management process – at administrative, financial, team management and communication levels – that underpins the day-to-day running of their business.
Moreover this 3-month stay in Brussels gave me the opportunity to experience at first hand a true “EU feeling” environment in terms of participation in meetings, seminars and understanding the EU decision-making process for the upcoming key opportunities for EU funding such as Horizon 2020 and COSME.
The period spent at Octopux provided me with new business knowledge and competences to build on what I have been learning in project management. Thanks to this business experience, I gained the right confidence I will need once I launch my own business in order to help me being more competitive in the market, as well as being aware of and seize new EU business challenges.

EYE Marcella
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