Graphic Design

What makes it Important for you?

Graphic design not only makes something look good. It organises information to help deliver a message in the most impactful way possible.

When you combine the right image, a well-written headline, professionally executed in a well-established package, then BOOM… The message hits its target!

However, if any one of those parts is missed, the message will likely miss its target too. There’s a misconception that graphic design is just “pretty pictures,” but it’s actually presentation, organization and well-thought-out market concepts that deliver everything in one good-looking package.

Branding is not limited to just a company logo.

It means putting that logo on everything your company presents as theirs. And not just adding the logo to any old layout/design, but having that ad/email/brochure tie into the brand using the brand’s fonts, colors and remaining consistent with the graphic standards that your audience has been used to seeing.

Consistency is the key to good branding, and graphic design is the key to consistency. Graphic design creates the structure for delivering your message, so that over time, your audience recognizes YOU in every message you deliver. Consistency creates confidence, assurance that you know the brand…predictability. If the client decides to execute their own thing, be it by another designer, an in-house creative or on their own without following the design previously established, their audience may lose trust in that brand.

Beauty is attractive, we all know that, and graphic design delivers beauty in order to attract the target audience. But in advertising, it’s not just about beauty; there is a very small window of time for an ad, email or website to grab the audience’s attention before they move onto the next thing. If they find something in that window of time that makes them look twice (a graphic, a headline), then they’ll stop to take in the message. A well-designed marketing piece helps the audience see past the graphics to the message, but it’s the appealing graphics that reel them in.


What is the purpose of a good flyer?

Flyers, compared to other tools such as posters or catalogues, are a great and inexpensive way of advertising your company. They are thin and light enough to be mailed or given to any person attending an event, entering your establishment or walking by it. At the same time, they are filled with vital information about your business and activities, just enough to wake up the reader’s curiosity and send him to visit your website or premises right away.

As they are so easy to give away, flyers frequently constitute the first contact between a potential client and you: distributing them is not enough, it is essential that they will be read. This is why it is so important to carefully plan their layout and design: they must be catchy enough to attract attention, while relaying your business identity and representing you effectively.

A professionally designed flyer can make the difference between an empty office and one overflowing with clients. We can help you in preparing advertising material that will make your activity much better known, therefore greatly improving the chances of success of your company.

Logo Design

The Perfect Logo Design for your Company!

If your logo design looks like the others, how will your company be found and remembered? The logo is the “face” of a business, it gives it an identity that no other tool can provide. If you are unable to establish your uniqueness, you will be sure to lose the battle for customers.

In all trade sectors, a good logo is critical for success: if your logo stands out of the crowd, clients will be prompted to choose you above one of your competitors, and remember you much better afterwards.

If you want to gain a competitive edge, you need to treat the logo as an essential component of your strategy. We can help you to fully take advantage of this powerful tool, by taking the idea behind your company, its philosophy and values and turn them into a unique and eye catching logo design that will surely be remembered.

Website CMS/ wordpress

Why Do Good Websites Matter?

A website usually forms the public’s first impression of a department. A good website effectively communicates who you are and what you do. It highlights accomplishments and presents information about an organization in an engaging, enlightening and entertaining manner. A good website can help build and maintain credibility so that an organization comes across as trustworthy, stable and knowledgeable.

Visual Appeal

Visitors can quickly evaluate a site by visual design alone. A visually unappealing site with poor navigation or outdated content speaks more powerfully in a negative way than you might realize. A website’s design should look up-to-date and professional. When creating a site, our developers pays close attention to layout, typography, images and overall consistency.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines are the most widely used Internet tool to find sites or information people need. Because most users only view the ten top search results, search engine optimisation is an important web design process that improves an organization’s site ranking and success on the Internet.

Getting the Most From Your Site

Information Technology Solutions and Support specializes in developing dynamic, database-driven websites and applications. These sites are connected to databases, which store site information. Content is pulled from the database and displayed based on decisions made by site visitors. Dynamic sites provide much more functionality, allowing users to perform online tasks such as completing forms, accessing accounts, buying products or making payments.

Content Management

We can help you implement a content management system (CMS) to manage basic site design and collaboratively create and manage site content. Editing tools allow non-technical users to easily add and make changes without needing to call the website administrator.

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