SME Instrument: business acceleration finally takes off!

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2017 has got off to a flying start for the SME Instrument with more innovative companies getting funded, more private investment attracted and more exits than ever before. Below are summarised the results achieved so far for the SME Instrument in 2017.

11 new exits

Eight SME Instrument-funded companies have been acquired in 2017. That brings the total of acquisitions to 12 since the beginning of the programme. The acquired companies count 3 French companies, 2 German companies, 2 Irish beneficiaries and respectively one Danish, Austrian, Swedish and British company. Among the acquirers there are 4 French companies, 3 German companies, 2 American companies, and one from respectively Switzerland, Ireland and Denmark.

This year we celebrate 3 new IPOs summing up the number of IPOs to 6 in total. All companies starting to float on the stock market are from Sweden, and mainly on Nasdaq First North.

€250 million in private equity funding

The total amount of private equity funding raised since the beginning of the programme is € 697 million invested in 119 companies. For this year only the amount is € 250 million. The trends are cyclical with peaks in spring and autumn and contrasting lows in between. Peaks have gradually increased. The field that attracted the most private equity investment was medical and healthcare, followed by clean technologies, transport and energy.

513 new companies join the SME Instrument club

To date the SME Instrument has invested a total sum of €1,19 billion in more than 2800 companies. The countries that have attracted the most investments from the SME Instrument are Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy. In 2017, 513 new companies have joined the SME Instrument club.

In total the companies funded by the SME Instrument have attracted €1 billion in (total) private funding reached. This means that every €1 of SME Instrument funding has attracted €1,44 of private investment.

New services to boost acceleration

Acceleration is no doubt taking off but results are still very preliminary as the programme is only three and a half years old. Most results will appear only in the years to come.

EASME’s newly launched business acceleration services will amplify the current trend and send more companies to shoot off. To have a closer look at what EASME is offering, take a look at the list of business acceleration services that will be fully launched in the second half of 2017.

Read EASME’s presentation to check out graphs and details.


Source: EASME press release

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