SME Instrument success story: DeMILI® project

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Since 21 January 2016, Octopux Consulting is proud to have its 9th successful SME Instrument case: the DeMILI® project “Non-Invasive diagnostic test service for non-alcoholic fatty liver disease management” (SME Instrument – Phase 1, Feasibility Study).

The main business champion is the Spanish-based SME Talemnology S.L. The proposal was evaluated with 13,24 points out of 15, with a total awarded EU grant (70%) of 50.000 € within a total budget of 71.429 €. The project consists in the implementation of a Business Feasibility Study for DeMILI® lasting for 6 months.

Reporting process DeMILIDeMILI processTalemnology

The overall objective of the DeMILI® project as a whole is to provide to the global clinical community a non-invasive diagnostic tool for the management of the NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease) through an Online Service of Diagnostic Test as alternative to Liver Biopsy.

DeMILI’s innovative approach is based on two verified proprietary imaging biomarkers linked to the evidence of the existence of NASH (Non Alcoholic Steatohepatitis) and fibrosis staging in patients with NAFLD, as well as a robust analytical method based on the optical analysis of a liver MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) for the evaluation of these biomarkers

Talemnology S.L. is an European example of entrepreneurship by excellence: the DeMILI® project was finally awarded for funding after 4 bid attempts were made to the European Commission. Plus, it is crucial to stress that the third attempt was considered to be the ‘break-even point‘: Talemnology S.L. was awarded the Seal of Excellence by the EC thanks to the fact that the DeMILI® proposal passed the minimum threshold of 13 points out of 15.

The management team of Talemnology S.L. – Samuel Borreguero (CEO), Ana Belén Gonzalez (CTO/CFO) and Nacho Nuñez Rufo (CMO) – did not only have faith in the company’s disruptive business concept but the high-level of perseverance in meeting the final goal – getting funded – was stronger than the rest. This awarded grant is particularly important for Talemnology S.L.: it will allow the company to evaluate the commercial potential of DeMILI® before moving forward to Phase 2 of the SME Instrument with further clinical trials and demonstrations in an operational environment. 


Should you wish to benefit from our bid writing and project management track-record for your SME Instrument proposal (Phase 1 and Phase 2), do not hesitate to contact our experts today. Become the next EU business innovation champion!

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