SME Instrument success story: PREDICT project

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Octopux Consulting is proud to have contributed to the success of the PREDICT project (SME Instrument – Phase 1, Feasibility Study).

The successful SME is the Israeli-based ElMindA Ltd. The PREDICT proposal was awarded with 14,34 points out of 15, with a total awarded EU grant of 50.000 € within a total budget of 71.429 €. The project consists in the implementation of a Business and Technical Feasibility Study lasting for 6 months.

ElMindA Ltd. aims at advancing the development of a tool called ‘PREDICT’, which will allow tailoring the patient with optimised treatments based on validated brain-related biomarkers. PREDICT is a novel electroencephalogram-based screening software solution for physicians with intended use of supporting and optimising treatment decisions for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) patients. This tool has the capability to revolutionise the health market by providing MDD patients with optimised treatment planning and increased and quicker remission rates. PREDICT thus promises better medical care for MDD patients and a significant reduction in the financial burden for the society.

Octopux also acts as a subcontractor during this 6-month project, supporting ElMindA in administrative and legal management of the PREDICT project.

Would your SME like to benefit from our track-record expertise in the SME Instrument scheme? Then, contact us today & give us a chance to make your SME the next business innovation champion!

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