SME Instrument success story: YourMD4All

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Octopux Consulting is very proud to have contributed to the best SME Instrument proposal prepared by the firm: YourMD4AllFirst multilingual, Artificial Intelligent Driven, Personal Health Assistant for Primary Healthcare, Self-Care, Lifestyle Management and Well-Being” (SME Instrument – Phase 2).

The SME beneficiary is the Norwegian-based company Your.MD AS. The proposal was evaluated with a score of 14.54 out of 15, with a total requested EU grant (70%) of 2.499.612 € within a total budget of 3.570.875 €.

The company Your.MD AS has recognised the need for better and more advanced digital health services, developing YourMD4All as the world’s first Artificial Intelligence, chat-based and fully personalised Digital Health Assistant. YourMD4All supports users to obtain the best possible treatment tailored to their health problems. This solution is based on two core services: ‘Personal Health Assistant’, which uses a natural language interface to ask questions to the user; once the user’s problem has been identified, ‘OneStop Health’ will help the user to find the best health provider tailored to his/her needs.

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