Become a better Horizon 2020 proposal writer in 2017… and onwards!

An extra €51.6 million for the SME Instrument in 2017

Workshop on Horizon 2020 and ERASMUS+ conducted by Octopux Consulting at the Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (Mexico)

On 9th-10th April 2014, the Mexican-based Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua (UACH) hosted an intensive workshop, conducted by the CEO of Octopux Consulting Ms. Daniela Gomes, addressed to a [...]

Robot Rescuers To Help Save Lives After Disasters

Robots could scour avalanche sites, enter burning buildings or secure city streets contaminated by poisonous chemicals, saving lives and increasing the effectiveness of rescue missions. [...]

Bringing Affordable ‘Mass-Customisation’ Techniques to The Clothing Industry

Thanks to the OPEN GARMENTS project, we should all soon be able to go online, specify the precise design we want for that new shirt, dress, accessory, or whatever, and have it delivered to our [...]

Tiny Technology to Tackle Alzheimer’s

Today, some 24 million people worldwide are affected by dementia with more than 4 million new cases recorded every year. This equates to a new case every eight seconds. To address these [...]

INSIGN: A Successful Project (EU Procurement)

A Portable Asbestos Detector That Could Save Thousands of Lives

A European research project, ALERT, has developed an asbestos detection device that could save thousands of lives. The project team is building the first real-time, portable detector of asbestos [...]

Innovation Union Scoreboard

Innovation Union Scoreboard The EU and all EU Member States have become more innovative in recent years. As a result, the EU has closed half of the innovation gap towards the US. However, the [...]

Streamlining Processing for Bio-Based Products

A European research project is helping pinpoint the industrial jams, raising hopes that the supply of bio-products can match the soaring demand. The project, called INTENSO, identifies the [...]

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