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With the increasing complexity of technology and policies, the concept of omniscient person is no longer valid, and today’s organisations need more diversified skills and expertise to win challenging projects and business contracts. Octopux Consulting aims to meet this need by providing professional services in a number of subjects based around EU Funding for Research & Innovation, lobbying, networking, training and business planning. Thanks to its innovative structure, Octopux is able to provide clients with exclusively tailored consulting services (e.g. EU Grants for Research and Innovation, Administrative and Financial Project Management, Evaluation of Grant Proposals, Market Research and Competitive Analysis, Business Lobbying, International Networking, Professional Training, Business Planning, Event Management and Dissemination, etc.) that large consultancies find hard to supply.

We are happy to provide you with documentation containing our list of project references and prices (upfront fees + success fees) for our services in Grant Proposal Writing, Project Management, Evaluation of Grant Proposals, Training services, etc. Please contact us today.

NOTE: As a high-reputed international firm, Octopux never works for free in any stage. If you seek consultancies working exclusively on a success fee basis (“no cure, no pay”), please do not contact us. We only accept clients who fully value our services.


EU Proposal Writing

We assist you in optimising access to European Commission’s funding programmes, such as Horizon 2020, SME Instrument (Phase 1 and Phase 2), FIWAREErasmus+, Creative Europe, Interreg, COSME, Eurostars from EUREKA and EU Procurement. We are able to build a project strategy tailored to your needs and requirements as well as finding the exact project partners. We write project proposals (fully or partially), plus managing your proposal by freeing you from the burden of demanding and time-consuming bureaucratic tasks.
We can help you to deal with four cases that may occur: 1) You have a project idea but not a group of partners to work with; 2) You don’t have a project idea but have a group of partners to work with; 3) You have both a project idea and a group of partners but not the time or skills to prepare the project proposal; 4) You don’t have a project idea neither the group of partners but innovative technical solutions to offer.
We work with you at all stages of the project bidding process: proposal writing, consortium building (if applicable), subcontractor identification, stakeholder outreach, proposal pre-evaluation & quality control, and final submission. Click HERE to read more.

Project Management

Are you searching for the right project management skills after your EU proposal is awarded for funding? Then hire Octopux Consulting for all the administrative and financial management tasks, while you concentrate on the scientific and technical parts of your project! We can assist you in all or most of the phases of the project implementation process, from preliminary approval of funding to complete reimbursement of all eligible project-related expenses. During project implementation, we perform the following assignments: developing a detailed project plan; drafting progress reports, meeting minutes, dissemination plans, commercialisation & exploitation plans, and much more. You can easily outsource such assignments to us and we will deliver punctual and high-quality results assuring that your project is smoothly implemented. Click HERE to read more.

Training Courses

Training Courses

Do you need to understand how the EU works to achieve your goals? We provide best practice and training solutions for professionals working in a variety of areas (SMEs, policy-making, business administration, academia, industry, etc.) in both public and private sectors. Through trainings and workshops, we assist you in accessing EU funds and help you deepen your knowledge of the European Commission’s funding requirements and criteria: all in all, to help you being well-prepared to develop a winning project proposal & manage properly administrative reports, project budget and time-sheets under FP7, Horizon 2020, SME Instrument (Phase 1 and Phase 2), Eurostars, EU Procurement or other programmes. Our goal is that you achieve your very best professionally at the highest standards. We can also provide customised in-house training according to your needs Want to know more? Check the training programmes we offer!

Lobbying in the EU

You want to lobby the EU institutions to ensure your position is known and reflected in a new EU legislation that might affect your business? You want to influence the EU to ensure that future EU streams provide future opportunities for your business? We listen to your needs and objectives and help you developing a plan to lobby and influence the key EU decision-makers. Such a plan may incorporate different tools including position papers, meetings with relevant stakeholders and representing your organisation in specific events, in Brussels or other countries

Lobbying in The EU
Scenario Planning

Scenario Planning

Today almost no business operates without a detailed and cautious scenario planning. We help you in rigorously evaluating wide varieties of potential influences on your business, from customer moves to supplier changes, shifts in energy prices, competitive actions and a whole host of other business drivers. Our goal is to make sure that you make scenario planning as an unstoppable routine exercise. Many EU projects do also require an important deliverable: a sound scenario planning report, to be developed prior to the launch or replication of promising products or services into the market. You can easily outsource this task to us and we will make sure your deliverable will be finished in due time with an outstanding quality.

Market Analysis

We conduct market feasibility studies which include overall information of prospective customers, the target markets (including sales history, current demands and expected future trends), structure of the customer base, market size and growth prospects. Instead of letting your business to be put at a high risk, our goal is to anticipate the success and viability of your product or service. Many EU projects do also require an important deliverable: a sound market analysis, to be developed prior to the commercialisation of promising products or services. You can easily outsource this task to us and we will make sure your deliverable will be finished in due time with an outstanding quality.

Market Analysis


Our networks and business links allow us to provide you with several opportunities to get in touch with entities worldwide, both public and private, in order to foster exchange of business contacts and partnership creation. Our goal is not only to stimulate the creation of, but also to develop long-lasting business synergies. We connect you to the right people, be they EU officials, project and funding partners, or the general public. Depending on the kind of profile you seek, we help you matching strategy to objective.

Results Exploitation

Besides awareness raising and dissemination activities during the project’s life cycle, we are also able to assure the transferability and sustainability of your project results beyond its life through an all-inclusive exploitation strategy for multiplication. We help you to define measures to ensure that the benefits of your project will endure beyond its lifetime and become replicable and usable by others. Let us take care of it and we will make sure your deliverable will be finished in due time with an outstanding quality.

Results Exploitation1
Business Planning

Business Planning

Creating a niche for your business is essential to success. Often, business owners can identify a niche based on their own market knowledge, but it can also be helpful to conduct a market survey with potential customers to uncover untapped needs. During business planning, we can help you identifying: A) which areas your competitors are already well-established; B) which areas are being ignored by your competitors; C) potential opportunities for your business. Plus, several EU projects do also require an important deliverable: a sound business plan, to be developed prior to the commercialisation of promising products or services. You can easily outsource this task to us and we will make sure your deliverable will be finished in due time with an outstanding quality.

'My office in Brussels'

By representing non-Belgian clients and business partners in Brussels we help them reducing their need to come to Brussels and, therefore, halving drastically their displacement costs and the lost time for their businesses. We can represent your business in the Brussels EU arena particularly in conferences and seminars of your interest and choice, as well as speaking and networking on your behalf. What about other countries? No problem! We don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and we make sure your business doesn’t miss any critical opportunity while you are performing your daily job smoothly without extra constraints and worries.

My Office In Brussels
Shared Consulting

Shared Consulting

Are you an organisation or consultancy firm specialised in regional/national funds and want to help your clients in accessing centralised EU funding programmes offered by the European Commission but don’t know where to start? Thanks to our know-how and promising contacts, you can acquire such an experience by joining forces with us throughout the application and implementation of EU-funded projects on behalf of your clients. Benefiting from our geographically and strategically privileged position in Brussels as well as our expertise on centralised EU funds, you and your clients will see the chances of a winning project increased.
Are you experienced in centralised EU funding programmes but you are overloaded with projects? Do you feel obliged to reject an assignment for a client simply because “you don’t have any space left”? Before you might reject it, have you considered outsourcing it to other firms like Octopux Consulting? By doing so, you are allowed to go on with your current priorities while we take care of the outsourced work with outstanding quality, dedication and constant follow-ups to you and your client. At least no project is rejected and no money is lost!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a service rarely offered by consultancy firms but we do not hide our graphic related capacities. Quite on the contrary, we embrace creativity by proudly showing such capacities! So, tell us… Do you need to renovate your corporate image? Do you want to maintain a conservative image for your business but still modernising its marketing approach? Are you tired of having an unnatractive company logo? A boring company video presentation? A very simple business card? An unclear company flyer? An uninspired website with not enough traffic? Clients or partners turning away from you? No problem! Let us help you to refresh your corporate image and provoke an irresistible wow effect on your business. Distinguish yourself from the competition and make sure everybody remembers you… from yesterday! Contact us after visiting our Graphic Design section.

Graphic Design
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